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How can a writer get their first book published?

This is one question that most writers ask before getting published but tend not to take the advice seriously. I am not an exception. And so aren’t many other people who I know. So I’ll say a few things from my experience (and…

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What methods should a new author use to promote a book they plan to e-publish?

The first thing an author should do when looking to write their first ebook is to pre-define who their target market is.  This is not only important when it comes to writing your book, but also in helping you to focus your marketing…

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The Six Best Tips From ‘On Writing Well’

My favorite writer on writing died. William Zinsser, author of “On Writing Well” died yesterday. He was 92 years old. Was his book any good. I don’t know. It sold 1.5 million copies. His students and readers are practically every non-fiction writer I…

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For any long time authors, what has been the biggest shift in publishing since the digital age began?

I’ve published more than twenty books; more than half of these were either novels or short story collections. I have never left behind the necessary feeling that each new book will be the best, and that each new book feels as though it…

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Poetry for the “Why”

The passage in Milton’s Paradise Lost, where the Serpent addresses Eve and uses the deductive power of words to get her to eat the forbidden fruit catches so much about why poetry is written. 1. It uses language in a way that suggests…

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Should critics be able to accomplish what they criticize?

It is not necessary to be an artist, musician, filmmaker or author yourself to be an outstanding critic of creative work in these arts. Critics are analysts and the best ones are expert in their area of critique.  They are able to judge…

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